Sunday, March 16, 2014

Status update on 1337 11th Street NW - Building at the South East corner of 11th and O Streets

You may have noticed that construction work has commenced on the building.  I reached out to the owner, David Dale, of Dale Management and Development who owns this row of historic victorians on 11th Street (that is 1329-1337 11th Street).  Here is what he had to say:

As you are aware, we were finally able to begin construction on 1337 11th St NW last week. Thus far, the progress has been great and I am confident that this project will proceed efficiently and in a manner as low impact to the neighboring area as possible.

The construction company is AllenBuilt Inc. (, which has extensive experience in commercial and mixed-use construction around town: The Diner and Tryst in Adams Morgan; Cake Love, The Coupe and Open City, just to name a few more. I've been extremely impressed with their team from the start of their involvement with the project more than a year ago and their performance on site over the last week and a half has reaffirmed my confidence in their abilities.

The 1337 project will ultimately be a mixed-use development comprised of two large residential rental units on the top two floors of the building and a restaurant space on the ground level and first floor above. 

The residential units will be 2BR+2 Baths per unit, with each unit occupying an entire 1,100 sq ft floor. Our construction schedule has these two units delivering in early October.  [these units will be leased]

The restaurant space has approximately 3,500 sq ft of indoor space across the two floors as well as an additional 2,200 sq ft of outdoor space, the majority of which we hope to utilize as outdoor seating - with, of course, the input and blessing of the surrounding community.

In my dialogue with David he is targeting a restaurant use that the community will fully support and will of course bring this plan before the ANC for approval (there are no zoning or historic issues to resolve, what he is doing is a matter of right - this will be to get the ABC license for the restaurant).

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