Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thursday 19 July BANCA Meeting Agenda

Next BANCA Meeting:
When: Thursday 19 July, 7PM
Where: 902 N Street Old City Green; 
Rain Location: Chatman's D'Vine Bakery & Cafe 1239 9th Street NW

Police Report
Recent Prostitution and House Break-In Status
901 O Street
Mood Lounge
Status of current and prospective development in the neighborhood
Planning for Annual Picnic 23 Sept (see attached flyer) - we need some folks to help plan the event

No formal presentations this time so the meeting may finish before 8:30PM

Development I can comment on:
City Center
City Market at O
Convention Center Hotel
1200 Block of 9th
1300 Block of 9th
9th and N
926 N Street

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three recent happenings

1) Last night a possum would not let me take out my recycleables.  Curled his tail around a bottle and said I'm doing my part of the recycle chain.

2) Seen this AM directly in front of my house at 1327 10th Street 6:45AM - a prostitute working the street - we are not going back to that!

3) Last a note from Brad and Jim about a recent break-in on 10th Street:  Hey all,

Our bikes were stolen from our garage last night.  They climbed over our neighbor’s back fence, then over our wall to gain access to the garage.  They took our two bikes plus the u-lock.  We don’t think there is anything else missing, and the police are here now taking a report.  We usually keep the bikes locked, but we didn’t lock them up as we usually do last weekend.  They didn’t open the garage door because of the ADT warning, so they had to lift the bikes over our neighbor’s wall and then back over their back gate.  This obviously was the work of more than just one person.

The other interesting thing about their entrance, is they took the hanging plants off the wall, took our bonsai off a stand and used the stand as a footstool to retreat from our yard.

The police are here taking a report.  More than anything, this is just a reminder to keep your valuables secure.


PS:  Pass this along to your neighbors.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Upcoming Event

Sorry but I have been a bit behind in keeping the blog up to date.

901 O Street NW  
I want to mention that after getting their taxes changed to class 5 on the empty property at 901 O Street NW (used to be a sleazy chinese carryout) the owner has taken notice and begun renovations.  While they do have permits they unfortunately have elected to do crappy work and things such as cinder blocking in original victorian window openings to fit a downsized window.  As a result the authorities have been contacted and a stop work order issued for both the inappropriate windows and for repairs to the bay which we also not in compliance with historic.  It would seem the owners still view this property as residing in a ghetto and may not be aware of how far the neighborhood has come.  I will be contacting them further to persuade them to elevate their objectives both in terms of the quality of work on the property and the type of tenants they might pursue.  I thank many of your who have stopped by to talk with the owners on this topic.  I will also contact Roadside about this too, I would think they don't want to open a fancy new hotel to look across the street at what has been an eyesore.

19 July Thursday:  Next meeting of Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association with be Thursday 19 July 7-8:30 at Frank's Old City Green at 9th and N.  Meeting will be outside and we have Debra Chatman standing by as a backup in case of rain.  Agenda to come but I hope to have a presentation on an exciting new restaurant coming to 9th street in the near future.  We may soon have our own restaurant row.

23 Sept Sunday: There will be no meetings in August or September, unless a development issue arises that needs immediate attention.  Instead we will have the annual picnic on Sunday Sept 23 from 4 to 8 PM.  Location will be Paul and Nez's side yard as we did last year.  Expect at least a handful of politicians to attend given the elections, council chairmen, etc., and I fully expect a new Mayor election to come.  Unfortunately, IMHO, Mayor Gray is toast from what I've read in the paper lately.   I need some volunteers to help plan the picnic.

17 July Tuesday: From Orestes who will be on the tour:   Greening DC One Garden at a Time is the theme for this years Edible Urban Garden Tour hosted by and OLD CITY green, Tuesday, July 17th from 5-8PM + After Party! 

Explore city spaces and residential gardens that will open their doors and gates for the public to see what growing good food in our own backyards, front yards, rooftops, and empty lots is all about. Its a chance to ask questions, learn from and hear what inspires some of DCs best gardeners. Plus, we will have an after-party at OLD CITY green with music by the Sligo Creek Stompers and garden-to-table food and drinks.

The tour will start at the beautiful, plant-filled garden shop OLD CITY green (corner of 9th Street and N Street, NW) and stretch through the historic neighborhood of Shaw. A map of tour locations will be distributed on the day of the event at OLD CITY green. The tour is self-guided and will cover approximately two miles so a bike or walking is recommended.

By organizing this tour, we hope to support the "grow your own" movement and create a community event designed to be a resource for so many DC residents interested in finding ways to grow their own food at home or in their communities.

To Purchase Tickets for this Event, go to Tickets are $20 each, with a portion of the proceeds to support Eat Local First DC.
MOOD Lounge:  I have been out a number of nights lately checking on operations.  They seem to be mostly in compliance in terms of noise and trash.  I'm trying to get a summary pulled together from ABRA on what hearing are to come.  I also spoke to the officer running the reimbursable detail the other day.  One Friday they held a small private event and another Saturday there were only about 25 people in the club around 2AM.  We are in contact with Tom Powers from Corduroy who is the new owner of the building.  As you know in addition to his current building and restaurant he is working towards opening a second restaurant next door to Corduroy so we have high hopes for positive stewardship over the building where Mood is located.  More to come. 

ANC2F06: One item from last night's meeting (I did not attend it all).  I spoke out strongly against the liquor license for El Sauce where they not only wanted to renew it but also add an entertainment endorsement.  I pointed out that there are 4 new condo buildings being renovated within 100 feet of the building adding a substantial number of new resident within easy ear shot of the establishment which does not have a very positive track record in terms of noise and other issues with its patrons.  At minimum they should come to the community to discuss their operation but I can see no reason to support entertainment there particularly given their track record.