Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Party Cancelled

We regret due to illness that the Holiday Party planned for tonight is cancelled.  

An update on the restaurant Thally (named for the nearby historic stable called Tally Ho) going into 1316 9th Street NW.

As you probably know Sherman Golden (who made the presentation at a Blagden Alley mtg earlier this year) of Maple at 3418 11th Street in Columbia Heights is opening the restaurant which will have 70 seats.  The big news is that the chef at Tally will be Ron Tanaka, currently the Chef at New Heights in Woodley Park.  As I understand it Sherman and Ron will be partners in the space under the 9 condo between Seasonal Pantry and Mood Lounge.  The new menu at Thally will be previewed at Maple on Monday nights after the new year.  Build out is supposed to be about 60 days so if all goes well this could be open in March or April.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Party and some neighborhood updates

Come celebrate the holidays with your friends and neighbors.  Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association Holiday Party will be Thursday night 6:30-9PM at the home of Elizabeth Blakeslee.  Please bring an Hors D'Oeuvre or snack to share.  If you are reading this you probably received the evite, please RSVP

Address: 1325 13th Street #53 Enter from the gate to the right of the Iowa Condo High Rise.  She is in the first townhouse up and to the right, fronts on 13th Street.

Other things to mention, given I'm off and its a cold rainy day (Dec 26):

A&D is now open, stop by for a drink and a snack from the owners of Seasonal Pantry and Sundevich, Dan and Ali.  They are open 6 days a week until the Spring when they will open for Brunch.

Cher Cher at 1334 9th is open and has their liquor license, stop by for some Ethiopian Food and a beer.
Projects moving forward include the new Restaurant on the Street level of the 9 Condo 1316 9th Street, expect construction to start after the first of the year and opening by Spring.  Reasonably priced neighborhood restaurant and bar.
Traded emails with Frederick De Pue the other day, TABLE (903 N Street) should be open shortly after the first of the year, he is looking forward to cooking for us.  TABLE will also be a very reasonably priced restaurant, no bar, but they will serve beer/wine/champagne with dinner (plans do include lunch and breakfast too).  We will try to have a future BANCA meeting in their spaces, probably upstairs.  As an aside Frederick will also be opening another new restaurant at 405 8th Street (former location of Cafe Atlantico and Mini-Bar) called "Azur."  This will be a fancier place.  The theme is European-style seafood. De Pue knows seafood, having cooked at the Michelin-rated Sea Grill in Brussels, among other locations. The seafood sold at the restaurant will be from sustainable purveyors: expect items like tiger prawns, oysters and crab.
Tom Powers new place, Baby Wale is moving forward.  I'm told construction will start soon with a winter opening, can't see how they can make the mid-January date mentioned below.  Have also talked with him (some time ago now) of having some sort of BANCA meeting in the new place as they open.  Here is an article on it I picked up online either Washingtonian or Eater:

Good news for all the material girls (and guys) out there: Chef Tom Power’s long-anticipated restaurant, Baby Wale, is aiming for a mid-January debut. The Corduroyowner checked in with us and says that while permitting and construction delays have stalled the project—planned for the building next door to Corduroy on Ninth Street, Northwest—progress should move relatively swiftly from here on out.
Plans for the casual eatery have changed several times since we first reported news of its opening. Fabric-fancying Power was originally going to call the place Velour, but Kim Cattrall ruined everything by tarnishing the name (more than a jumpsuit ever could) in the porn-star-themed flick Meet Monica Velour. The toque then moved on to the title Herringbone, until California-based Enlightened Hospitality Group­—self-described operator of “numerous fabric-themed restaurants”—alerted Power of trademark infringement. Which brings us to Baby Wale. (“Wale” is the name for corduroy’s ridges; baby wale describes the smallest corduroy weave.) “Third time’s the charm,” as Powers says.
The plan is to create a relaxed, pub-style spot that serves dishes like roast chicken for two, lobster rolls, hot dogs, and pupusas. Power says the bar may be one of the longest in DC, with 50-plus seats primed for sipping cocktails, microbrews, and old-world wines. Another 100 seats are divided between the bilevel space, with an open atrium and sky lighting. Design firm Edit, the company behind recent Hilton brothers projects the Brixton and Satellite Kitchen, has been charged with realizing the interior, which will feature exposed-brick walls and dark wood as well as reproductions of old-school go-go posters. 
I have to admit that I am already addicted to the every night restaurant week deal at Tom's second floor bar in Corduroy but now I have another bar in my sights!

As you can see by the ten story tower, the new Giant project is moving full speed ahead with a projected opening of the Giant in Nov 2013 (by contract).  The rest will open across 2014, hotel on the corner at 9th and O, condos and apartments along with some street level retail.  Note we are talking about 1 million square feet of space, 629 apartments/condos plus the hotel, 500 car parking garage.  Here is a fun time lapse clip:  
Here is the official website for Roadside: or the blog at:
If you haven't been back in Naylor Court you will see the old garages are gone at 1321-1325 Naylor Court and they are in the process of digging the new basements for the three new townhouses to be known as Naylor Court Stables.  Details are here:  
If you haven't noticed the famous designer Darryl Carter's new decor shop and studio is now open at 1320 9th Street.  I encourage everyone to drop by, even if you aren't in the market for his design services there are things to look at and some affordable things to buy.   I ran into one of his manager's the other day (I am so sorry that I can't remember this name) and he said things are going great as both a shop and a studio.  It is great to have them here and to have Darryl as a neighbor.
Last I checked Mood Lounge is looking into opening a restaurant but still operate weekend nights as a night club which we are not in love with (in fairness to them, things have been quite and peaceful of late).  We would all love to see something from Tom Powers (who owns the building) go into this place but I just came up with a new idea.  The street buzz is that Passenger will have to close (understandably) during the major reconstruction of the block (a Jemal owned project) between 7th, L and New York Avenue.  I am not sure of the timing but they'd fit just perfect into the Mood Lounge building, wouldn't they?  Mimi please think about that in your future business model!  
There is so much going on along 14th Street that I won't even start other than to mention MATCHBOX is now open at 14th and T, just below U Street, no reservations though so expect to wait.  Just across the street from Matchbox I understand the new construction will include a Trader Joe's.  There are also rumors of a new Harris Teeter possibly on 9th/Sherman/Florida Avenues:
I expect the first meeting of BANCA to be the normal 3rd Thursday which is 17 Jan.  Location TBD but a theme in 2013 will be meeting when we can in the new restaurants opening along 9th Street.  

The new ANC2F will have its first meeting on 9 Jan.  This is a newly constructed ANC, the borders were redrawn and there are 8 Commissioners.  

Once sworn in next week, I will represent the new 2F06 which encompasses the area bounded by 9th and 10th, from P street to M, then 9th to 11th down to Mass Avenue, plus the Convention Center site (no residents on these blocks but as you know several businesses such as the Old Dominion Brewhouse).  Here is the current map for 2F:
It will be an unusual district as it includes 3 lower rise residential blocks, then two blocks with high rise residences, a 9th and 11th Street commercial/residential strip, the new Marriot Marquis Convention Center flagship hotel and the Convention Center itself.

The new boundaries definitely split up what we have traditionally defined as the BANCA boundaries.  2F04 is John Fanning which is from 10th West to Logan Circle between N and P, 2F07 is Matt Raymond only three square blocks total from 10th to 13th and from M and N Strreet. and 2F08 to the southwest is Matt Connelly.
Leading candidates for ANC leadership include Matt Raymond as the Chair and Matt Connelly as the Vice Chair of ANC 2F which we will vote on at our first meeting 9 January 2013.  Anyone who is interested in serving on the committee's please contact me as I can appoint someone to each along with vote on several at large appointees to the committees.  Key are the Community Development Community and newly formed ABRA committee to deal with all the liquor license issues.  There is also a public safety committee and a committee on improving the schools.

Monday, November 5, 2012

13 November BANCA Meeting Agenda

Blagden Alley-Naylor Court Association

Tuesday 13 November

Immaculate Conception Church Hall 8th and N (up the stairs in the building to the right of the church)

Time 7-8:30 PM

Tentative Agenda:

Police Report
1232-1234 10th Street, NW-HPRB Suzanne Reatig Architecture Presentation
ABRA Issues & Status
- Review Standard Voluntary Agreement from last meeting and proposed boundaries
- CherCher on 9th (will invite)
- 1316 9th (will invite)
- 1318 9th (possible change to Mood Lounge - Gerald Katz invited)
Discussion of the following three ANC 2C items:
 - Shaw Junior High School, 925 Rhode Island Avenue, NW: Request for Support for Lease on Open Space in Front of Vacant School (Old City Green
 - Mandalay CafĂ©, 1501 9th Street, NW: Request for Support for Stipulated and Permanent Restaurant Liquor Licenses 
 - Queen of Sheba Restaurant, 1503 9th Street, NW: Request for Support for Holiday Hours and Substantial Change to Liquor License—Change to Tavern License
Discussion of Association Incorporation
Christmas Party
Future Events

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blagden Alley Naylor Court Annual Picnic and 10th Street Community Park Music Festival

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blagden Alley-Naylor Court Assn. Picnic

932 O Street, NW Washington, DC 20001
4-8 PM

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Veggie Burgers Provided
Bring a side dish to share

For more information contact
Greg Melcher, President
Elizabeth Blakeslee,


 10th Street Community Park 
Music Festival 
Saturday September 22, 2012 
11am – 12:30pm 
(Rain Date: September 23, 2012) 
Join the Friends of the 
10th Street Park 
for the Music & Movement 
with Mr. Skip! 
Mr. Skip is veteran performer for children’s audiences. Come dance and frolic in the park to his youthful tunes. Find out more about Mr. Skip at 
~ Appropriate for ages 6 and younger. 
For more information visit: 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stolen Handbag

From Cristina Amoruso:
As some of you may know my handbag was stolen right out of my car at aprox 4 pm today. I was standing a few feet away but it was too late. The person who stole it is a black male in his mid twenties, he is wearing a white t-shirt and black pants and was riding a red bike. He fled north in the direction of 7th St NW. According to the police he is part of a posse who hangs around in the neighborhood and preys on any and all targets. Please be careful.

While it is likely that the bag and its contents will not be recovered, it is also possible that the thug who took it may decide to dispose of it by dumping it in an alley. So please keep a look out: Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 bag stolen from O St NW & Naylor Court yesterday afternoon at 4 pm (bag contents include black lizard wallet, house and car keys, make up case, ID's (including DC govt issue) & credit cards, meds, & personal items). It is likely that the bag and or some of its contents may be dumped in an alley close to where the theft occurred. If found please e-mail Cristina at Thank you.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Special Meeting of the Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association, Monday 20 August 7-8:30PM 1327 10th Street NW

Meeting Notice

I hope everyone is having a nice summer.  We need to have a special meeting to review four exciting new projects coming to the neighborhood.

Meeting will be at my house 1327 10th Street NW.  Start time 7:00 PM.  Notionally, 30 minutes each for the presentations, questions and discussion.

7:00PM - Sherman Golden is planning to open a new Restaurant on the Street Level of 1316 9th Street which will occupy the entire first floor (the Nine Condo is upstairs).  It sounds very exciting, 75 seats, affordable, a great chef...  he will be here to discuss his plans, concept and hours of operations, liquor license plans (CR), etc.  To get a sense of the restaurant they told me the space is about the same size as Boundary Road a relatively new restaurant at 414 H St NW, see photos at

~7:30 PM - Charles Kehler of Altus Realty will present plans for two new condo buildings to be located at 917 M Street and 1212 9th Street. Currently 917 M is mostly a parking lot with a one story carriage house on the rear, the new building will encompass all and will be 100% residential.  Currently 1212 9th Street is a parking lot, the new building will have commercial spaces on the first floor and condos upstairs.  Charles will show us his plans in advance of formal presentation to the ANC 2F Community Development Committee on Wednesday night (8/22 @ Washington Plaza Hotel 7:00 PM) and plans to go to Historic Preservation Review Board in September.

~8PM - Ali Bagheri and Dan O'Brien (owners SUNdeVICH and Seasonal will present their concept and plans to open a Tavern (CT license) at 1314 9th Street in the space formerly occupied by the Lamont Bishop Gallery.  This new liquor license is headed to ABRA with a petition date of 27th August.  Our ANC commissioner Mike Bernardo and others have been working on a voluntary agreement.

Hope to see everyone Monday night to hear about these 4 exciting developments in our neighborhood.


Greg Melcher
Blagden Alley-Naylor Court Association

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thursday 19 July BANCA Meeting Agenda

Next BANCA Meeting:
When: Thursday 19 July, 7PM
Where: 902 N Street Old City Green; 
Rain Location: Chatman's D'Vine Bakery & Cafe 1239 9th Street NW

Police Report
Recent Prostitution and House Break-In Status
901 O Street
Mood Lounge
Status of current and prospective development in the neighborhood
Planning for Annual Picnic 23 Sept (see attached flyer) - we need some folks to help plan the event

No formal presentations this time so the meeting may finish before 8:30PM

Development I can comment on:
City Center
City Market at O
Convention Center Hotel
1200 Block of 9th
1300 Block of 9th
9th and N
926 N Street

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three recent happenings

1) Last night a possum would not let me take out my recycleables.  Curled his tail around a bottle and said I'm doing my part of the recycle chain.

2) Seen this AM directly in front of my house at 1327 10th Street 6:45AM - a prostitute working the street - we are not going back to that!

3) Last a note from Brad and Jim about a recent break-in on 10th Street:  Hey all,

Our bikes were stolen from our garage last night.  They climbed over our neighbor’s back fence, then over our wall to gain access to the garage.  They took our two bikes plus the u-lock.  We don’t think there is anything else missing, and the police are here now taking a report.  We usually keep the bikes locked, but we didn’t lock them up as we usually do last weekend.  They didn’t open the garage door because of the ADT warning, so they had to lift the bikes over our neighbor’s wall and then back over their back gate.  This obviously was the work of more than just one person.

The other interesting thing about their entrance, is they took the hanging plants off the wall, took our bonsai off a stand and used the stand as a footstool to retreat from our yard.

The police are here taking a report.  More than anything, this is just a reminder to keep your valuables secure.


PS:  Pass this along to your neighbors.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Upcoming Event

Sorry but I have been a bit behind in keeping the blog up to date.

901 O Street NW  
I want to mention that after getting their taxes changed to class 5 on the empty property at 901 O Street NW (used to be a sleazy chinese carryout) the owner has taken notice and begun renovations.  While they do have permits they unfortunately have elected to do crappy work and things such as cinder blocking in original victorian window openings to fit a downsized window.  As a result the authorities have been contacted and a stop work order issued for both the inappropriate windows and for repairs to the bay which we also not in compliance with historic.  It would seem the owners still view this property as residing in a ghetto and may not be aware of how far the neighborhood has come.  I will be contacting them further to persuade them to elevate their objectives both in terms of the quality of work on the property and the type of tenants they might pursue.  I thank many of your who have stopped by to talk with the owners on this topic.  I will also contact Roadside about this too, I would think they don't want to open a fancy new hotel to look across the street at what has been an eyesore.

19 July Thursday:  Next meeting of Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association with be Thursday 19 July 7-8:30 at Frank's Old City Green at 9th and N.  Meeting will be outside and we have Debra Chatman standing by as a backup in case of rain.  Agenda to come but I hope to have a presentation on an exciting new restaurant coming to 9th street in the near future.  We may soon have our own restaurant row.

23 Sept Sunday: There will be no meetings in August or September, unless a development issue arises that needs immediate attention.  Instead we will have the annual picnic on Sunday Sept 23 from 4 to 8 PM.  Location will be Paul and Nez's side yard as we did last year.  Expect at least a handful of politicians to attend given the elections, council chairmen, etc., and I fully expect a new Mayor election to come.  Unfortunately, IMHO, Mayor Gray is toast from what I've read in the paper lately.   I need some volunteers to help plan the picnic.

17 July Tuesday: From Orestes who will be on the tour:   Greening DC One Garden at a Time is the theme for this years Edible Urban Garden Tour hosted by and OLD CITY green, Tuesday, July 17th from 5-8PM + After Party! 

Explore city spaces and residential gardens that will open their doors and gates for the public to see what growing good food in our own backyards, front yards, rooftops, and empty lots is all about. Its a chance to ask questions, learn from and hear what inspires some of DCs best gardeners. Plus, we will have an after-party at OLD CITY green with music by the Sligo Creek Stompers and garden-to-table food and drinks.

The tour will start at the beautiful, plant-filled garden shop OLD CITY green (corner of 9th Street and N Street, NW) and stretch through the historic neighborhood of Shaw. A map of tour locations will be distributed on the day of the event at OLD CITY green. The tour is self-guided and will cover approximately two miles so a bike or walking is recommended.

By organizing this tour, we hope to support the "grow your own" movement and create a community event designed to be a resource for so many DC residents interested in finding ways to grow their own food at home or in their communities.

To Purchase Tickets for this Event, go to Tickets are $20 each, with a portion of the proceeds to support Eat Local First DC.
MOOD Lounge:  I have been out a number of nights lately checking on operations.  They seem to be mostly in compliance in terms of noise and trash.  I'm trying to get a summary pulled together from ABRA on what hearing are to come.  I also spoke to the officer running the reimbursable detail the other day.  One Friday they held a small private event and another Saturday there were only about 25 people in the club around 2AM.  We are in contact with Tom Powers from Corduroy who is the new owner of the building.  As you know in addition to his current building and restaurant he is working towards opening a second restaurant next door to Corduroy so we have high hopes for positive stewardship over the building where Mood is located.  More to come. 

ANC2F06: One item from last night's meeting (I did not attend it all).  I spoke out strongly against the liquor license for El Sauce where they not only wanted to renew it but also add an entertainment endorsement.  I pointed out that there are 4 new condo buildings being renovated within 100 feet of the building adding a substantial number of new resident within easy ear shot of the establishment which does not have a very positive track record in terms of noise and other issues with its patrons.  At minimum they should come to the community to discuss their operation but I can see no reason to support entertainment there particularly given their track record. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meeting Agenda for Thursday 17 May 2012 7-8:30PM

Our Next Meeting is Thursday May 17th @ Chatman's D'Vine Bakery and Cafe, 1239 9th Street ( on the North East side of the Convention Center) from 7-8:30 PM

Come and enjoy a sampling of her delicious cooking and baking!!


**Police Report - Sgt. Terestre and Lt. Carroll
** Final Review of plans for the 9th and N Project by CasReigler (Robin Bettarel, Director of Development and Jeff Goins, Architect)
**Short updates as we know them on:

 - "Table" 903 N Street expected opening date Sept/Oct
 -  926 N Street New Construction likely start by the end of the year, 
 -  Naylor Court Stables:
** Summary of Mood Lounge Meeting by James Bulger (confirmed)
**Events committee, summer plans, fall picnic by Ms. Blakeslee

**Would like to ask for a vote in support of making the buildings at 11th and K historic - owned by Jemal who has filed a demolition permit - these are the last few of what K Street used to look like and should be saved!

Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association
Greg Melcher, President

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Upcoming events and news

1.  On Saturday from 2-3, the Pastor at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church will be a blessing of the animals, bring your pet!  Just walk on over to the Church at 8th and N.

2. Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival 1-8pm

Join some of the DC area's best local bluegrass bands for a day of music, food and exploration on Kingman Island to celebrate the revitalization of the Anacostia River.

Take a free tour of the river by canoe sponsored by the Anacostia Watershed Society. Enjoy food from nearly a dozen of DC's top food trucks and beverages from Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head, and Heavy Seas. Sign up for bike giveaways and tours of the island from BicycleSPACE. And of course, enjoy the region's best in live bluegrass music from local bands.

When is the Festival?

The Festival is Saturday, April 28th, from 1:00 – 8:00 pm.

How to get to the Kingman Island Festival?

·        The entrance to Kingman Island is off of the Anacostia River Walk Trail near parking lot # 6 at RFK Stadium.
·        Free shuttles will run between Kingman Island and Stadium/Armory Metro Station (blue/orange lines).
·        Abundant bicycle parking is available on Kingman Island and at the entrance (provided by DDOT and BicycleSPACE).
·        MetroBus routes X1, X2 and X3 have a nearby stop located at the intersection of Benning Rd. NE and Oklahoma Ave. NE. The entrance is a short walk across the parking lot.
·        Free car parking is available in RFK parking lot #6.

What does it cost?

The event is FREE. Food and beverage will be sold at the event. There is also a suggested donation of $5 that goes toward Living Classrooms, a non-profit that manages the island and provides environmental education to children in the DC metro area.

How do I learn more?

Follow us on Twitter @KIBluegrassFest

Thanks to our Title Sponsor, DC Events and all the other sponsors that make this event possible, including Office of Councilmember Tommy Wells, Living Classrooms, BicycleSPACE, Sierra Nevada, Safeway, WAMU Bluegrass Country, Create DC and Scott McCarthy Design.

What's the schedule of participating bands?

·        1:00 – 1:50 - King Street Bluegrass -
·        2:00 – 3:30 - Patuxent Partners -
·        3:45 – 4:45 - Split String Soup -
·        5:00 – 6:00 - Hollertown -
·        6:15 – 7:15 - By and By -
·        7:30 – 8:00 - Jam session

3. Waffles in Blagden Alley:

Hot on the heels of Tim Carman’s story on the District’s second class status as a breakfast city, comes news of the opening of a small waffle and smoothie bar on Bladgen Alley named, appropriately, Back Alley Waffles. The intimate breakfast spot is located in co-owner Craig Nelson’s ground-floor art studio, and it was originally conceived as a way to bring attention to his mosaic work.
Though the self-taught waffle maker had no formal kitchen training, he entered the world of professional cooking with some key votes of confidence. “I knew I could make waffles,” Nelson told me. “My friends really love them. And this is a town of world-class wafflers, so that’s really saying something.”

The sign at Blagden Alley’s Back Alley Waffles in Mount Vernon Square. (Justin Rude - The Washington Post)
Right now, Back Alley Waffles is open from 7 a.m. until about 3 p.m., but Nelson may expand the hours. As of now, many of the restaurant’s operations are very rudimentary. High on the shopping list: a dishwasher. “Right now we’re serving on paper and washing everything by hand, which isn’t ideal, “ Nelson says.
The menu is a concise four-items long: Belgian-style waffles served with butter and real maple syrup ($8), a house smoothie made from apple, orange, pineapple, carrot juice, strawberries, banana, yogurt, honey and aloe vera ($6), coffee ($2) and chai tea ($2).

Unfortunately, being a first-time customer might involve some luck. The restaurant, unprepared for the Internet-fueled rush of waffle-starved Washingtonians, ran out of ingredients early today. A note posted on the front door at 10:45 a.m. thanked Prince of Petworth and Urban Daddyfor the coverage and the resultant “9000% increase in business” and asked potential customers to try them again soon “when we have, like, TWO knives with which to cut fruit.”
4.  The new restaurant to be called Table at 903 N is moving forward.  They have a few exterior changes to the facade including the addition of what will be the primary egress door to the left of the roll up garage door.  Plans were approved by the ANC 2F CDC on Wednesday and now they head to HPRB.  I have plans which I'll post on the blog as soon as I figure out how.  The ground floor will be focused around the Chef and their will be tables upstairs as well.  While they will serve beer and wine with meals there is no bar planned.

5. At the 19 April Blagden Alley, Megan Mitchell of Suzane Reatig Architecture presented the new plans for 926 N Street NW.  We were all very pleased with the vast improvement in these plans which were also endorsed by the ANC 2F CDC on Wednesday night.  

6.  Here is the link to the Logan Circle Citizens Association Calendar.  Note the Happy Hour at Veranda this Tuesday.

7.  10th Street Park Celebration:

10th Street Community Park Festival Saturday May 5, 2012
10am – 2pm
(Rain Date: May 6, 2012)
Join the Friends of the 10th Street Park for the Park’s 1st birthday! We have exciting events lined up for all ages.
10:00am YogainthePark Yoga will be led by Dominique Fernandez, the current President of the Board for Quincy Park Condos. Bring a towel, yoga mat and water for early morning yoga on the park’s lawn.
11:30am Storytime Join us for stories about gardening and springtime. Afterwards, meet at the park’s play feature for more fun with your neighbors. ~ Ages 6 months to 6 years old.
1:00 pm Gardening Chat
Join the 10th Street Park Friends Board Members to discuss future park enhancements and other issues impacting the park.
1:30 PM Happy Birthday 10th Street Park
We will have a birthday celebration for the park to commemorate the first anniversary of the park.
2:00 PM Music and Movement with Mr. Skip
Mr. Skip is veteran performer for children’s audiences. Come dance and frolic in the park to his youthful tunes. ~ Ages 6 and younger.
Sponsored by the Friends of the 10th Street Park &
For more information visit:

**Next Month's Meeting: Thursday May 17th @ Chatman's D'Vine Bakery and Cafe, 1239 9th Street (Convention Center)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thursday's Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association Meeting

When: Thursday 19 April 7 PM

Where: Independence Bank Conference Room 1301 9th Street NW

Note:  Bank entrance is on 9th Street to the left of the ATM, if you find the big round clock, the door is right behind you.

Extra note:  Due to security please plan to arrive between 7 and 7:30PM.


* Police
* Updated design for 926 N Street presented by Megan Mitchell of Suzane Reatig Architecture
* City Market at O Street Trucks
* Proposed Yard Sale
* Updated design for CasReigler (9th and N)
* Status of Mood Lounge
* Extended Hours Bar Bill
* Jack Evans legislation to force mandatory closure after 3 voluntary agreement violations (noise, trash, parking, etc.)
* Use of church lot for commercial parking and valet parking (1315-1325 10th Street) and valet parkers driving the wrong way up 10th Street
* Other upcoming meetings and events
* Related LCCA Event: May 1 Happy Hour @ Veranda 6-8PM 1100 P Street

Next Month's Meeting: Thursday May 17th @ Chatman's D'Vine Bakery and Cafe, 1239 9th Street (Convention Center)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Upcoming Events

Please register and attend the Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association / Logan Circle Citizens Association joint happy hour to be held at Tortino on Tuesday March 6 Complimentary appetizers will be provided along with drink specials from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.   Registration is free but appreciated so we have a good head count, find that at:
Here is the link to Tortino Restaurant it is located at 1228 11th Street.

The next Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association meeting will be on Thursday March 15, 7-8:30 PM. Ron and Clarence have offered to host again, 1241 10th Street.  At minimum we will hear from Frederik De Pue Executive Chef / Owner of to discuss the new restaurant at 903 N Street and a return visit from  to discuss their proposal at 9th and N. They did get a full review at the CDC last week.
I am also hoping that we will hear again from the 926N architects although they appear to be pressing ahead with HPRB, they were unable to update their design before the last CDC meeting so I think we'd all be interested in seeing where things stand.

We have all seen the plans for the three new townhouses, the Stables, to be developed at 1321-1325 Naylor Court NW.  The hearing will be on Tuesday March 6 at One Judiciary Square
441 4th Street, NW start time is 0930 although this is case is listed third:  Case # 18318, Application of KB Developers (that is Kevin Batteh).    Here is the specific language: (Area Variance) Pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3103.2, for a variance from the lot width and area requirements under subsection 401.3, and a variance from the lot occupancy requirements under subsection 403.2, to allow the construction of three one-family row dwellings on alley lots in the R-4 District at premises 1321 Naylor Court, N.W. (Square 367, Lot 862).
If you haven't seen it here are the plans from the developers web page:

Since we voted to support it months ago I submitted the following letter in support of the requested variances, updated from what was sent some months ago for the preliminary review:

29 February 2012
Board of Zoning Adjustment
RE: 1321-1325 Naylor Court NW

I am writing as the President of the Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association, which represents owners and businesses in the area between 9th and 11th and Mass Avenue and P Streets NW, located in ANC2F06.  Also I reside at 1327 10th Street NW, which backs onto Naylor Court directly across the Court from 1321-1325 Naylor Court.  In addition I own an adjacent Carriage House at 1330 Naylor Court NW, which is also directly across from the subject property. 

The association and I fully support KB Developers proposal to construct three single-family townhouses on the R4 lot at 1321-1325 Naylor Court NW.  We have a strong interest in bringing more residential life to residentially zoned Naylor Court.  The proposed density of these three townhouses is appropriate for what is allowed on a 4750 square foot residential zoned R4 lot.  I also support the granting of all three minor BZA variances required for this project to proceed for lot area, lot width and lot occupancy. Given the extra hardships and challenges involved in developing a residential property in an alley/court, and I have great experience with such challenges from developing 1330 Naylor Court, I would appreciate any extra cooperation and support that DC agencies can provide KB Developers as they move forward to develop this property.  These are reasonable and very minor variances, which do not create any precedence given the unique location with an historic court. The proposed designs are exceptional and frankly more than any of us in the neighborhood could have hoped for.

An additional compelling reason for approving this development as quickly as possible has to do with safety.  As a parent, Naylor Court remains of questionable safety for my 11 and 13 year old children to walk to and from the metro (typically on their way to/from school) or to just do things as simple as throwing the football around.  Quick development of the dilapidated properties at 1321-1325 Naylor Court will add three additional households which will at least double the number of residents in Naylor Court whose eyes and ears will contribute to the residential fabric and enhance the livability and safety for all.  Please grant quick approval so the project may proceed in haste to add these additional residential properties to our neighborhood, making a substantial enhancement to the tax rolls, and increasing our day-to-day safety.