Monday, January 27, 2014

Upcoming Events including Happy Hour Tuesday 4 Feb @ Thally

Tonight Mon, January 27 6:00pm until 7:30pm @ The Chastleton - 1701 16th St, NW:  Mayoral Candidate Jack Evans Meet and Greet

Tues February 4.  Joint BANCA/Logan Circle Citizens Association Happy Hour at Thally - 1316 9th Street from 6-8PM.  The Associations will buy the first drink and some appetizers, then its cash bar.  We should be in the area past the bar.

Wed February 5  Meeting of the full ANC 2F, 7PM Washington Plaza Hotel, Agenda will be posted at

This week:  NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION in Blagden Alley beginning this week. 

As you may know Douglas Development has leased this garage space to La Colombe - they are scheduled to open within the next few weeks.

As part of the renovation of this space Douglas Development is upgrading the water services to the building. This upgrade will involve the installation of water lines from the building, down the alley to the West of La Colombe and tying into the water main in the 900 Block of N Street NW. This work will involve exaction in the alley, the sidewalk at N Street and in N Street. 

The work is scheduled to begin this week and to be completed in 4-5 weeks - depending on weather.

Douglas Development will try to keep disruptions to the surrounding residents and businesses to a minimum but the work will require the alley to be closed to all traffic for certain periods of time. The construction will be covered over with plates in the evening and the alley reopened.

Please contact Christopher Regan the Project Manager at 202.345.0935 or if you have any questions or concerns.

Thurs Feb 20 next BANCA Meeting 7-8PM, location and agenda TBD, note we will be changing the frequency and format of BANCA.  The police will no longer be on the agenda - they will attend the monthly ANC meeting.  Stay tuned.