Saturday, March 30, 2013

Next BANCA Meeting Thursday 4/18

Special start time of 7:30 PM

Location is the Supper Club 1225 10th Street Rear - enter through Blagden Alley behind 10th Street**

Tentative Agenda:

* Police Report
* Jemal's Gang of Three project by Douglas Development, they presented the concept at the CDC meeting Wednesday.  Basically they are planning a C2A project, matter of right, Far 1.5.  Looks good at this concept stage and will have entrances on both 9th and Blagden Alley.  This is the three victorian townhouse facades at 1216, 1218 and 1226 9th Street.  1226 9th includes a carriage house that will be restored and incorporated into the project (I have no idea what happened to the addresses of 1220, 1222 and 1224 9th Street).  To the south of this project is an already approved Apartment/Condo building with ground floor retail (currently a vacant parking lot).

See details here or I can email you the PDF (8.8MB):

* 1322 9th Street.  I expect the architect to return with his latest concept plans.  This is the property with the Carriage House just saved from demolition.

2 notes:  Shaw Main Streets has a Gala planned for the same night as the meeting.  I have heard from one person who will attend that event so can't make the Blagden Alley mtg.  We will keep as scheduled unless there are a large number of folks attending the Gala.

**To find the Supper Club:  Please enter from the alley behind 1225 10th Street.  

Easiest access is from 10th Street, walk down narrow alley until you see the Baby Carriage mural, make a left, boxing gym on your right, walk about 100 ft, see Supper Club on your left below the "Huntress Coal Oil Sign".

Alternate: walk down into Blagden Alley from N Street, make a right (Rouge 24 is a left), walk about 60 feet Patrick rental office is on your left and Giogio's building on the right), make a right, Supper Club is on the left.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Master Plan for the McMillan Site

This is the old reservoir south of Children's Hospital and North of the Bloomingdale residential area.

Bounded by Michigan Avenue to the North, Channing Street to the South, North Capitol Street to the East and First Street to the West.  Notionally 8 square blocks since North Capitol to is quite wide and there will be a new street down most of the middle of it (overall a street grid of some sort is re-established).

A quick summary is two blocks of hospital/health care related buildings.
Then two blocks that combine multifamily housing more health care and a grocery story
Then two blocks of townhouses
Last two blocks are green space/park with a community center. 

Here is the link to the blog:

Community Development and Crime & Public Safety Meeting are both Wednesday night

ANC2F Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 7:00 PM
The Washington Plaza Hotel
# 10 Thomas Circle, NW

  1. Meeting Agenda
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3.  Parking Forum “Enhanced RPP”
  4. 1216-1228 9th Street,NW, Gang of Three Project-Presentation for Support for HPRB, Andrea Gourdine,  Douglas Development Corporation
  5. 1601 14th Street, NW, Crystal Car & Park Ride-DDOT Presentation for Support of Valet Parking
  6. Open Forum

ANC2F Crime & Public Safety Committee Meeting Agenda Wed Mar 27th 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 7:00 PM
Metropolitan Police Department – Third District Station
1620 V Street, NW
Meeting will be held in the Community Room just off of the Main Lobby

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Crime Statistics & Trends*
  3. Community Questions & Forum
  4. Old Business
a)     Update on Logan Circle and Shaw/Cardozo Parks – Harassment of residents, loitering, lighting, trash
b)     Resolution on Bicycle Safety Amendment Act of 2013
  1. New Business
a)     Neighborhood Watch; training April 18, 7PM at 3rd District Station 1620 V St NW
b)     Community Impact Statements
c)     Community Awareness Events
d)     Theft and Theft from Auto Outreach
 *Including update on the status of if it is not back on-line

Friday, March 15, 2013

Marathon Saturday Morning 16 March - Road Closing

This PDF will show you a map of the course and you can see we are mostly surrounded.

Starts at 14th and Constitution at 7:30 AM.  I think they will likely close the course around 1-2PM.

9th Street tunnel will be blocked

New York and Rhode Island Avenues will be open as they overpass the route.

Metro will open at 5 AM on Saturday to accommodate

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three Upcoming events

Candidates forum Wed night, ANC 2F Thursday night, BANCA next Thursday night; details below.

Wednesday 13 March 7-9 PM Washington Plaza Hotel
Candidates Forum for DC Council At-Large Special Election
From LCCA:  Don’t miss our March Community Meeting! In conjunction with New Cambridge Tenants Association, ANC 2F and Urban Neighborhood Alliance, LCCA will be pleased to sponsor a public forum for the DC Council At-Large Special Election candidates. LCCA President Tim Christensen will moderate. Bring your questions, meet the candidates, and join your neighbors for this interesting community forum.
Note also: just prior to LCCA’s Community Meeting, from 5:30 to 6:45 (also at the Washington Plaza), Pepco will host a community meeting to present its preliminary landscape design plan for the O Street Substation. Pepco wants your feedback, so don’t miss this opportunity to influence the neighborhood landscape!

Thursday 14 March 7-? PM Washington Plaza Hotel (Postponed from March 6 due to the "Snow"
Thursday, March 14, 2013 – 7:00 PM
Call to Order  7:00 pm
  • Commissioner Announcements 7:05
  • Report from Executive Office of the Mayor
  • Report from Office of Jack Evans, City Council Member, Ward 2
  • PSA 307 Report – Metropolitan Police Department, 3D
  • Community Announcements 7:45
-10 Minute Recess-
Business Meeting
  • Approval of Agenda               8:00
  • Approval of Minutes of Meeting of  February 6, 2013
DCHSEMA/Street Closures  
ABRA          8:10                                                                                                                                                      
  • 1341 14th Street, NW Barrel House Liquors-Request for support to be open on Sundays
  • 1200 9th Street, NW, Modern Liquors-Request for Support for Growler Sales in addition to Sunday Sales
  • Petition Filing of Moratorium
  • Neighborhood Survey
  • Settlement Agreements Policy Discussion
  • 14th and U streets liquor license moratorium on the March ANC agenda– Presentation by the Shaw Dupont Neighborhood Alliance.
  • 1724 14th Street, NW, Batch 13-New License
  • 1410 14th Street, NW, Black Whiskey-New License
  • 1414B 14th Street, NW, Faces Lounge-New License
Community Development Committee (Walt Cain, Chair)
  • Parking Forum “Sunday Parking and Related Issues”-  Recommendation to the Full ANC
  • 11th and M Concept Application (HPA #13-154)-Presentation for support of HPRB.
  • Zipcar Addition of Three New On-Street locations in ANC2-Presentation by Scott Hall, General Manager contact at
  • Update
Education Committee (Matt Connolly and Evelyn Boyd-Simmons, Co-Chairs)                                     
  • Discussion of Facilities Fee for Monthly Meeting
  • Update
Crime and Public Safety Committee (Christopher Linn, Chair)
  • Nomination of Betsy Garside 2F07
  • Update 
New Business
Treasurer’s Report (Matt Connolly, Treasurer)     9:00                                                                                          
  • Approval of Expenditures
Adjournment        9:10 

Thursday 21 March Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association Monthly Meeting 7-8:30 PM
Location: The Supper Club in Blagden Alley, please enter from the alley behind 1225 10th Street.  Easiest access is from 10th Street, walk down narrow alley until you see the Baby Carriage mural, make a left, boxing gym on your right, walk about 100 ft, see Supper Club on your left below the "Huntress Coal Oil Sign".
Alternate: walk down into Blagden Alley from N Street, make a right (Rouge 24 is a left), walk about 60 feet, make a right, Supper Club is on the left.
Tentative Agenda:
PEPCO Substation Building at 10th/Mass/L what to do about its appearance, possible Pepco Appearance or a brainstorming session on what we might like it to look like (followed up with a PEPCO meeting)
Architect's presentation of concepts for 1322 9th Street (includes the recently saved Naylor Court carriage house)
Architect's presentation for an addition to 1418 9th Street

8 new restaurants coming this spring

Here’s what you can expect to see — and taste — this season (from Borderstan).  Be sure to drive by and look at the wood paneling on Le Diplomate!!
  • Le Diplomate, 1601 14th Street NW: The 260-seat French restaurant from Stephen Starr will serve brunch, lunch and dinner and will have patio seating at 14th and Q Streets NW for the promise of warmer days ahead.
  • B Too, 1324 14th Street NW: Top Chef contestant Bart Vandaele is opening this 4,800 square-foot Belgian eatery and plans to serve classic and modern Belgian dishes, some of which will be cooked in the city’s only Josper.
  • Doi Moi, 1800 14th Street NW: Mark Kuller, the mastermind behind Proof and Estadioplans to open Doi Moi in late spring/early summer and serve dishes and flavors from Vietnam and Thailand.
  • GBD (Golden Brown Delicious), 1323 Connecticut Avenue NW: From Birch and Barley’s Kyle Bailey and Tiffany MacIssac, GBD will serve doughnuts and coffee in the morning, fried chicken for lunch and appetizers and small plates in the evening. Oh, and the Dupont Circle restaurant will also have beer from DC sud expert Greg Engert.
  • Ghibellina, 1610 14th Street NW: This Italian restaurant is the former home of HR-57, a famous DC jazz club. The restaurant, which is being restored back to mid-century condition, will feature Tuscan “gastropub” dishes.
  • Iron Gate, 1734 N Street NW: Eater DC reports this Dupont Circle restaurant from Neighborhood Restaurant Group will serve Italian- and Greek-inspired dishes.
  • Kapnos and G, 2201 14th Street NW: Mike Isabella is coming to the neighborhood with his Greek restaurant, Kapnos, and a more casual sandwich shop, G. Together, the two eateries will occupy 7,000 square feet on 14th Street NW.
  • Mockingbird Hill, 1843 7th Street NW: Expect to see Spanish tapas and wines at this Shaw restaurant from Derek Brown. The 1,110 square-foot location at 1843 7th Street NW will seat 40 and will serve-up small bites, such as ham, olives and more than 50 varieties of sherries.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Multiple new neighborhood developments, Scripture Cathedral to sell

1) As you probably have heard Scripture Cathedral has several times come close to selling their property at 9th and O Streets.  It appears they have a deal.  In this case it is a relatively modern church which is not contributing to an historic district so its demolition can occur.  The mixed use property that will replace it will likely have retail on the ground level and apartment/condos on the upper level.  Note that the surface parking lot at 8th and O Streets belongs to the City and would likely need to be sold to the developer for all this to happen.

2) Several have asked what is going on at the old Kelsey Gardens apartment site.  That is the land on the West side of 7th that goes all the way from O to Q Street (450 feet).  Jefferson at Market Place will be another high rise similar to what is going up by Roadside at O Street.  281 apartments, 250 car parking garage, roof top pool, about 13,500 sq ft of retail along 7th.  Here is the link:

A word on these high rise residential developments.  Over the last 15 years, there have been multiple studies on what will make retail effective in the Convention Center retail spaces, mostly along 9th and N Street.  Bottom line to all is location, location, location and insufficient foot traffic.  This new density along 7th and 9th from N/O/P/Q Street projects together with the 1200 room Marriot Marquis at 9th and Mass/L will be what finally allows 9th street to fully blossom.  Most of the retail spaces are a bit small and unique so there really needs to be this street life to make it work and hopefully it will result in an interesting diversity of shops and restaurants.  A similar set of projects along the 1200 block of 11th should make a difference there as well although I know several restaurants have passed on David Dale's space at the corner of 11th and O due to this foot traffic issue.  As we were told Thursday night the new apartment building street stretches around the back of the Laundry at the NE corner of 11th and M, won't be a reality for another 3 years (design/construction).

3) If you have been back in Blagden Alley you might have noticed that there is a large red brick 2 story building to the west side of Rouge 24.  Right now it is completely gutted out and it appears RJ and the Rogue folks use it for some storage.  The article below discusses a pending lease to Philadelphia's La Colombe Cafe specializing in their on site coffee roasting.   Sounds like a great use and I am amazed but how busy the new "The Coffee Bar" is at 12th and S:  

Here is the link to the Blagden Alley Cafe

PS:  there is interest in the boxing gym, I hear a restaurant.

4) I spent an hour the other day with the owner of 1322 9th Street and his architect to discuss options on what they had in mind for that lot.  Recall this is the location of the Historic Carriage House we just stopped them from  tearing down.  They are thinking through options of how to incorporate it into the new project.  One option I thought they should take a good look at is leave it open as an outside space either to go along with a retail/restaurant use or as an amenity for the tenants living above.  Basic concept on this 6500 sq ft C2A space is some sort of commercial use on the ground floor and apartments above.  I like the idea of a restaurant and the carriage house space could be outside dining or maybe with a glass roof. Obviously with are Mood Lounge struggles the noise issue would need to be carefully addressed.  It would be nice to liven this end of Naylor Court and seeing some life inside the old carriage house, visible out into the alley, would be fitting.  This was just a preliminary discussion (they are at the paper/pencil drawing stage) and I asked them to come to a future BANCA meeting to discuss their ideas before going forward to the CDC and ANC for approval.  I have also connected them with several restauranteurs looking for space in the neighborhood. They are also in discussions with Brendan at HPRB.

Thanks to Dave Salter for the heads up on a couple of these.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Joint LCCA/BANCA Happy Hour Tuesday March 5 6-8PM @ A&D Bar 1314 9th Street

We were planning to have some sort of Happy Hour in place of the XMAS party that we had to cancel.  Plans were in place to do something at Ali and Dan's place - A&D tavern, then we learned that it was to be the location of LCCA's monthly happy hour.  We decided to team up and below is the message sent out by LCCA.  The joint happy hour will be 6-8PM on Tuesday March 5 at A&D, 1314 9th Street.  There will be some drink specials and free munchies (provided by the Associations).  Hope to see you all there!

From LCCA:

Tuesday, March 5 - "First Tuesday" Happy Hour

This month's First Tuesday Happy Hour will find us at A&D Neighborhood Bar at 1314 9th Street NW, between N and O Streets.  Join us at this great new bar on Tuesday March 5 from 6 to 8 PM.  We'll be joined by another location neighborhood association, Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association, BANCA.  Enjoy drink specials and munchies, and catch up on the latest scoop in the 'hood'!  See you there!!