Monday, January 16, 2017

Impact from Inaugural Events

The Inaugural plans are similar to past Inaugurals or the Nuclear summit.

Fencing will be going up.  There will be no parking Friday-Saturday from the area roughly bound by 6th/10th/Mt. Vernon Square/N Street and most of the roads inside that rectangle will be closed.
The metro will close at 10AM on Friday and reopen Saturday.
Anyone can walk most areas inside the perimeter.  Except for businesses physically in the Convention Center all the surrounding businesses can be open.
 If you park off street or inside a garage (within the perimeter) you might need to show ID (so this could impact guests trying to drive in).
The no parking signs have gone up already.
Restriction will ease sometime on Saturday and they expect the fencing and barriers to be gone by Sunday.

For more information, official maps, etc:

Contact either the Secret Service;
Contact number:  202-406-5708

Or DC Gov’t: