Thursday, May 15, 2014

BANCA Announcements/Events

1) There will be no BANCA Meeting this month

2) Saturday May 17th Noon- 4 PM  Immaculate Conception Church will be holding its 150th Parish Anniversary Block Party.  The Block Party will be adjacent to the church at 8th and N Streets NW - Mundell Way. 
The Party is free and open to everyone.  It will feature:
- Food & Beverage
- Snow cones, Cotton Candy and Popcorn
- Craft Vendors
- Children's Activity
- Music & Entertainment
- Clown, Face Painting, & Puppet Show
More information can be found at

3) Saturday May 17th 10th Street Community Park Movie Night! 8PM claim your spot 8:30PM Movie Starts
Movie is "Despicable Me" staring Steve Carell

Bring a lawn blanket or camping chair to the park for our first 2014 Movie Night!
The friends of the 10th Street Park will be providing light goodies for all, donations needed and very much welcomed!
Find out more about the movie at:
Sponsored by the Friends of the 10th Street Park  For more information visit:

4) Richard Neidich attended the National Capital Planning Commission Section 106 Process meeting to review plans for the expansion of the Carneige Library including incorporation of the Spy museum.  Follow this link to see the plans.

A few notes from Richard:

The “program” encompasses expanding the existing 65,000 sq. ft. space of the building to about 130,000 sq. ft.  Most of that space will be underground, with over 25,000 sq. ft. being  for  the  use of the Spy Museum.  The Historical Society would be in the lower level of the existing building, with the upper level and part of the ground floor for Events DC use (read that Convention Center).  One of the above ground wings would be for the Spy Museum retail shop, with the other focused on a DC Visitor’s Center and a CafĂ©.

The Spy Museum has become a 501c3 Not-for-Profit corporation.  They will be funding their part of the renovation in order to acquire a permanent facility.  The rest will be financed by DC Events and using their tax revenues.  Extensive changes to the grounds were also discussed with a nearly doubling of the number of trees and better sidewalk patterns.
The Convention Center Advisory Committee stressed the need for a fully integrated pedestrian access plan that is imperative for the facility to be successful and well as a more comprehensive traffic study.  If anything, the audience wanted even more of the facility to be placed below ground.  Some thought the expansion as unnecessary. 
A comment period is open for a week or so and go to  The next action will be an HPRB meeting on May 22 to perform an historic review of the proposed changes.

5) ABRA Settlement Agreements have been signed by ANC 2F for both the "Lost and Found" at 1240 9th Street and the "American" for 1209-1213 10th Street (the Blagden Alley location of the Boxing Club and adjacent parking lot)