Monday, July 15, 2013

HPRB report for 1322 9th and 1320 9th

As most of you know we have struggled with the property at 1322 9th Street, first to preserve the existing historic carriage house, then to get the owner and his architect to come out with a plan we can support.  The link below will take you to the HPRB report from the preliminary massing/concept review.  We had expressed strong concern about the removal and rebuilding of the carriage house, the lack of doors that open into the alley (although we were favorably inclined towards the basic massing which included a rebuilt carriage house and two adjacent structure similar in scale to Martin Smith's at 1326 Naylor Court).  I think there was pretty much universal rejection of a huge modern box with modern bays on the street side of 9th street that dwarfed the surrounding structures.

In the HPRB report below they reinforced our concerns going further to request that the carriage house be restored on the alley side, doors installed on the alley side and requesting that the 9th street building be set back on the upper floors.  Very encouraging report that addressed all our issues.  The concept/massing was not approved and the owner/architect were asked to do additional work and return with updated plans.

The next project is Darryl Carter's at 1320 9th Street.  He proposed an addition to the rear of the structure on 9th street which will not be visible from the street or the alley once 1322 9th Street is constructed and adds about 600 square feet of additional office/retail space. We had no objection at his presentation at the BANCA meeting in June.  The HPRB agreed and approved the massing/concept for the property.

ANC 2F ABRA Committee meeting on Thursday night

Thursday, July 18, 2013, 7:00 PM
The Washington Plaza Hotel
# 10 Thomas Circle, NW
  1. Meeting Agenda

  1. Approval of Agenda

  1. 1610 14th Street, Ghibellina, ABRA #088785-Request for Support for Sidewalk Café 12 seats

  1.  APC Website Update Discussion

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A few notes from the ANC 2F Meeting 7/10/2013

Just a few notes I took from the ANC meeting on 7/10.  Official minutes will be posted on the ANC2F website.

* 1111 Mass Ave update, new owners (this is the building just West of the Wisteria with the narrow access to Mass Avenue the building is set back mostly located along 11th Street), working to clean up the building, new management company, security, crime, drug issues, working to clean it up, better trash service.   Working with tenant association and LEDC.  Intent to keep it moderate income, 80% hispanic, some overcrowded unit - working to get all units in compliance.  More work to do.

* City Center project overview.   Howard Riker and Jacob Jacobson from Heinz.  General Manager for the retail and Marketing Manager also present along with Manna for community outreach for the affordable units.  6 buildings total.   95% leased for two office buildings along 11th Street, start moving in Jan 2014.  Apartment buildings marketing is starting now including the affordable units.
216 residential condos (began selling in nov 2012) over 50% have gone to contract.  Move in starting in Oct of this year.  370 room hotel, 80,000 square ft of retail.  Possibility of a grocery market (6000 square ft) along with specialty food stores intended.  Gould property will start construction within a year, that is not part of City Center but at the corner of 9th and New York Avenue.
10th street will be two way, one lane each way, parking on each side.  One way south on 10th north of New York and south of H Street.  Garage 1550 parking (500 dedicated to retail and general public use).
Moderate income 46 for people earning 60% or less than the median and 45 units for people earning 80% (income range is $36K-$94K depending on the family size).   Rent from $1075 to $1875. Will be a lottery process to get the one of the units.  Application due date is Aug 21.  See

*Franklin School update from Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.  Phase 1 RFQ and have received 4 response RFQ proposals.  Will be a phase 2 RFP on July 24.  Responses were:
1) Office space for costar technology hub and learning center (ABDO)
2) NAMDI office space, technology center
3) Douglas Development Boutique Hotel, no defined hotel as yet
4) Institute for contemporary expression and think food group - ICE DC art gallery and restaurant (Think food group is Jose Andres)
Final team selection late fall.
DMPED.DC.GOV or DCBIZ.Gov will get there to see (look at development opportunities)
Long term ground lease (50 or greater years).  Community will get an opportunity to input.

* Tuesday Aug 6 LCCA Monthly Happy Hour from 6-8 at Fantom Gallery on 14th Street.
* Check for other events.

*Business Part of the meeting.
* 1336 14th St. Ghana Cafe defer vote to allow for negotiation of a voluntary agreement.  Asking for later hours, entertain endorsement, dancing, summer garden.
* 1443 P St Commissary, 3 hours earlier 9AM liquor sales in the restaurant, approved
* 1430 Rhode Island for the Helix Hotel improvements, many changes/improvements since the CDC review.  Split approved HPRB motion.  BZA application permission to fill in the rest of the lot,
Some concern by neighbors over the expansion, bus traffic, etc.  Passed 6-1-0
* 1460 Church Street, granted
* 1618 14th Street Raze request, zoned against supporting Raze permit 7-0-0, concern about demolition by neglect ask HPRB/DCRA to investigate and ensure class 5 taxes are being imposed
*Parking recommendations will be posted on the ANC web site
Education Update
Crime and Public Safety Committee
Treasurer's Report

Blagden Alley Naylor Court Meeting Thursday Night

Next Meeting Thursday 18 July 7-8:30 PM

Location is 1301 9th Street Independence Federal Savings Bank, please enter by the clock.  
Due to security please arrive at either 7 or 7:30 PM

Agenda items to include:
*Police Report & Valet Parking Problems in Blagden Alley
*Update on the Gang of Three by Douglas Development
*Update on the 9th and N project by CasRiegler
(Both will be starting demolition this month)
*Proposed Alley Closure in Blagden Alley
*Covenant for 917 M and hopefully updates on that project along with 1215 9th Street
*Continuation of Sewer nightmare in Naylor Court
*Convention Center Update
*Planning for BANCA picnic in Sept (Paul and Nez have agreed to host)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Next Blagden Alley Meeting location and ANC 2F agenda for tonight

Yesterday I posted a draft agenda for Thursday 18 July's Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association Meeting.
Location will be Independence Federal Bank at 1301 9th Street NW (enter by the clock).
Please try to arrive at 7PM.

Updated ANC2F meeting agenda for tonight:

MEETING Wednesday, July 10, 2013 – 7:00 PM


·       Call to Order                                                                                                                              7:00 p.m.

·       Commissioner Announcements                                                                                                      7:05
·       Report from Executive Office of the Mayor (5 min)
·       Report from Office of Jack Evans, City Council Member, Ward 2 (5 min)
·       PSA 307 Report – Metropolitan Police Department, 3D (10 min)
·       1111 Massachusetts Ave, NW Mass Place, Jair Lynch  (10 min)
·       Apartments at City Center-Affordable Units, Jason Jacobsen  (10 min)
·       Report on Franklin School (5 min)
·       Community Announcements (5 min)
o   -5 Minute Recess-
o   Business Meeting

·       Approval of Agenda                                                                                                                     8:00
·       Approval of Minutes of Meetings of  June 5, 2013

·       ABRA   (John Fanning, Chair)                                                                                                   8:05
·       1336 14th Street, NW-Ghana Café,-Request for Support for Entertainment Endorsement (30 min)
  • 1443 P Street, NW, Commissary – Amendment of the SA for earlier hours weekdays & weekends for Liquor Sales  (10 min)
  • Community Development Committee (Walt Cain, Chair)                                                               8:45
  • 1430 Rhode Island Avenue, NW-Helix Hotel Renovation, LaSalle Hotel Properties, Gene Wiessman, Architect (15 min)
  • 1460 Church Street, NW-HPRB Presentation (5 min)
·       1326 Riggs Street, NW-HPRB Presentation for Support (5 min)                                 
  • 1618 14th Street, NW-HPRB Presentation for Support (10 min)
  • Consideration of Parking Recommendations (10 min)

  • Education Committee (Matt Connolly and Evelyn Boyd Simmons, Co-Chairs)                                8:40
  • Update

  • Crime and Public Safety Committee (Christopher Linn, Chair)                                                     8:45
  • Update

  • New Business                                                                                                                            8:50

  • Treasurer’s Report (Matt Connolly, Treasurer)                                                                             8:55
·       Approval of Expenditures
·       Update

  • Adjournment                                                                                                                             9:05

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Next Meeting Thursday 18 July 7-8:30 PM & Gang of Three Update

Location is TBD (have a place awaiting confirmation)

Agenda items to include:
Police Report
Update on the Gang of Three by Douglas Development
Update on the 9th and N project by CasRiegler
(Both will be starting demolition this month)
Proposed Alley Closure in Blagden Alley
Covenant for 917 M and hopefully updates on that project along with 1215 9th Street

Below is a narrative update on the Gang of Three thanks to Douglas Development for providing.  They will attend on the 18th and be able to answer any questions you might have about the development.

Gang of Three update
Scope of Work
Row houses will be converted into one property with a shared address – 1218 9th Street NW.   Buildings will be a mix of office of retail.   Permitting and construction for this project are to be broken into two phases:
Phase I:  Demolition and construction of new assemblies required to reach a 1.5 Floor Area Ratio (FAR). This will include (but not be limited to) permitting and construction of new exterior and interior walls, a new steel structure with elevated composite decks and reinforced concrete foundations, electrical service brought to a new main distribution panel, exterior and interior egress lighting, a fire alarm system, a new sprinkler system, gas and other dry utilities brought to an internal distribution point(s), roof drains and storm leaders, functional restrooms (including a means of exhaust), connection to existing sanitary and water distribution mains, and a mechanical system that includes the necessities required for a plant to be sized for future distribution of the completed Phase II space.
Phase II:  Infilling open floor areas (indicated in Phase I as “Open to Below”) to provide usable and occupiable spaces. This will primarily be a structural and architectural phase and will also include significant façade remediation and restoration.  Since this phase on the construction will be on the 9th Street side of the buildings Douglas Development will have the proper infrastructure in place to handle and protect pedestrian traffic and limit street parking in front of the buildings.
Parking & Traffic
Sigal Construction and hired subcontractors will be using the south parking lot (future Blagden Alley Residences) as a staging area for construction vehicles.  Most of the construction activity for Phase I will take place on the Blagden Alley side of the rowhouses.  We will do our best to limit contractor parking to the south lot and not block the Alley.
Construction Schedule
We project an 8-month construction timeline (as of June 2013 – subject to change):
Demolition Permit Issued: July 2013
Start Demo: Mid July 2013
Receive Building Permit /Phase I Construction: August 2013
Submit for Permit, Phase II: September 2013
Start Construction, Phase II: December 2013
Substantial Completion Phase I & II: February 2014
Construction Team
            General Contractor - Sigal Construction
Architect – Antunovich Associates
            Civil Engineer – Dewberry Davis
            Structural Engineer – MGV Consulting Structural Engineers
            Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineer:  Hoffman Borowski Associates

Project Contact
Construction (owner):  Andrea Gourdine – Project Manager, Douglas Development Corporation (202-373-2425)
Construction (contractors):  Colin Courtillet – Superintendent, Sigal Construction (
Leasing opportunities:  Michael Leon, Douglas Development Corp (202-638-6300)