Monday, July 15, 2013

HPRB report for 1322 9th and 1320 9th

As most of you know we have struggled with the property at 1322 9th Street, first to preserve the existing historic carriage house, then to get the owner and his architect to come out with a plan we can support.  The link below will take you to the HPRB report from the preliminary massing/concept review.  We had expressed strong concern about the removal and rebuilding of the carriage house, the lack of doors that open into the alley (although we were favorably inclined towards the basic massing which included a rebuilt carriage house and two adjacent structure similar in scale to Martin Smith's at 1326 Naylor Court).  I think there was pretty much universal rejection of a huge modern box with modern bays on the street side of 9th street that dwarfed the surrounding structures.

In the HPRB report below they reinforced our concerns going further to request that the carriage house be restored on the alley side, doors installed on the alley side and requesting that the 9th street building be set back on the upper floors.  Very encouraging report that addressed all our issues.  The concept/massing was not approved and the owner/architect were asked to do additional work and return with updated plans.

The next project is Darryl Carter's at 1320 9th Street.  He proposed an addition to the rear of the structure on 9th street which will not be visible from the street or the alley once 1322 9th Street is constructed and adds about 600 square feet of additional office/retail space. We had no objection at his presentation at the BANCA meeting in June.  The HPRB agreed and approved the massing/concept for the property.

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