Saturday, March 30, 2013

Next BANCA Meeting Thursday 4/18

Special start time of 7:30 PM

Location is the Supper Club 1225 10th Street Rear - enter through Blagden Alley behind 10th Street**

Tentative Agenda:

* Police Report
* Jemal's Gang of Three project by Douglas Development, they presented the concept at the CDC meeting Wednesday.  Basically they are planning a C2A project, matter of right, Far 1.5.  Looks good at this concept stage and will have entrances on both 9th and Blagden Alley.  This is the three victorian townhouse facades at 1216, 1218 and 1226 9th Street.  1226 9th includes a carriage house that will be restored and incorporated into the project (I have no idea what happened to the addresses of 1220, 1222 and 1224 9th Street).  To the south of this project is an already approved Apartment/Condo building with ground floor retail (currently a vacant parking lot).

See details here or I can email you the PDF (8.8MB):

* 1322 9th Street.  I expect the architect to return with his latest concept plans.  This is the property with the Carriage House just saved from demolition.

2 notes:  Shaw Main Streets has a Gala planned for the same night as the meeting.  I have heard from one person who will attend that event so can't make the Blagden Alley mtg.  We will keep as scheduled unless there are a large number of folks attending the Gala.

**To find the Supper Club:  Please enter from the alley behind 1225 10th Street.  

Easiest access is from 10th Street, walk down narrow alley until you see the Baby Carriage mural, make a left, boxing gym on your right, walk about 100 ft, see Supper Club on your left below the "Huntress Coal Oil Sign".

Alternate: walk down into Blagden Alley from N Street, make a right (Rouge 24 is a left), walk about 60 feet Patrick rental office is on your left and Giogio's building on the right), make a right, Supper Club is on the left.

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  1. Is this open to any (near-by) resident?
    Just show up?

    Yes I am a resident in Shaw

    I have just started a new blog (, which incorporates much of Logan/Shaw