Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three recent happenings

1) Last night a possum would not let me take out my recycleables.  Curled his tail around a bottle and said I'm doing my part of the recycle chain.

2) Seen this AM directly in front of my house at 1327 10th Street 6:45AM - a prostitute working the street - we are not going back to that!

3) Last a note from Brad and Jim about a recent break-in on 10th Street:  Hey all,

Our bikes were stolen from our garage last night.  They climbed over our neighbor’s back fence, then over our wall to gain access to the garage.  They took our two bikes plus the u-lock.  We don’t think there is anything else missing, and the police are here now taking a report.  We usually keep the bikes locked, but we didn’t lock them up as we usually do last weekend.  They didn’t open the garage door because of the ADT warning, so they had to lift the bikes over our neighbor’s wall and then back over their back gate.  This obviously was the work of more than just one person.

The other interesting thing about their entrance, is they took the hanging plants off the wall, took our bonsai off a stand and used the stand as a footstool to retreat from our yard.

The police are here taking a report.  More than anything, this is just a reminder to keep your valuables secure.


PS:  Pass this along to your neighbors.

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