Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stolen Handbag

From Cristina Amoruso:
As some of you may know my handbag was stolen right out of my car at aprox 4 pm today. I was standing a few feet away but it was too late. The person who stole it is a black male in his mid twenties, he is wearing a white t-shirt and black pants and was riding a red bike. He fled north in the direction of 7th St NW. According to the police he is part of a posse who hangs around in the neighborhood and preys on any and all targets. Please be careful.

While it is likely that the bag and its contents will not be recovered, it is also possible that the thug who took it may decide to dispose of it by dumping it in an alley. So please keep a look out: Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 bag stolen from O St NW & Naylor Court yesterday afternoon at 4 pm (bag contents include black lizard wallet, house and car keys, make up case, ID's (including DC govt issue) & credit cards, meds, & personal items). It is likely that the bag and or some of its contents may be dumped in an alley close to where the theft occurred. If found please e-mail Cristina at Thank you.

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