Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Status of trash pick up this week/next and street sweeping delay start to March 10

Due to the snow and resulting ice, 
DPW wasn’t able to collect the recycling from our neighborhood,
and may have missed some trash as well. 
Trash will be collected on Friday,
but recycling will not be collected until next Tuesday. 
They are having issues collecting everything and 
there is not a crew able to go out to places that were missed.  
Residents need to bring in their trash cans, 
or you could be fined for leaving them out—
which would add insult to injury!  
Also, trash left out tends to fall out and mess up our neighborhood,
so please pull the cans back in until Friday/Tuesday.  
Thank you.  
In a bit of good news- street sweeping (and tickets that could be issued)  
have been delayed for another week, so won’t be enforced until March 10.  
Any questions, you are welcome to contact me at 202-724-8058.  
Sherri Kimbel
Director of Constituent Services
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, #106
Washington DC 20004

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