Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BANCA Meeting in February

We discussed a vision for how to manage Blagden Alley as all of the businesses open and new residences are constructed.  Here are my notes in take away.  This needs more refinement and input but a good starting point.

ANC2F06 Concept for Blagden Alley; modified by inputs from Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association Meetings – a work in progress

General concept is that Blagden Alley becomes a “Walk – In” alley

There will be no parking in Blagden Alley except for those with off street parking (all residential – see map).  Driving into Blagden Alley will be discouraged.
Alley will be accessed one way south from N to M Street.  This will accommodate deliver trucks, Taxis, Uber, or for Valet Parking.  Business will collaborate on a valet stand at the main intersection and a destination parking location (Giant garage?)

Truck deliver will be restricted to certain day time hours and will follow the established North/South route and hand truck into businesses.  We will examine a delivery zone on 9th Street also for this purpose.  Trash trucks are included and will encourage the grouping of businesses and the use of trash compactor technology.  Goal also to keep dumpsters/compactors off of public space.

Speed limit established of 10 MPH, do not enter signs (except for residents with off street parking) placed at 9th, 10th, and M Streets (always do not enter).

Security & Traffic: work with residents and businesses to establish a Blagden Alley BID type arrangement to hire an off duty police officer to manage traffic, provide security, assure orderly behavior of restaurant and bar customers, control noise.

Potential use of public space to establish brick alley café’s, limited events in the alley, bicycle parking, etc.

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