Friday, August 29, 2014

11th and O Update (1337 11th Street)

I touched base with David Dale who owns 1331-1337 11th Street a row of 4 storey townhouses.  They are all zoned C2A allowing a mix of  commercial and residential uses.

As all can see the corner property 1337 11th Street has been under vigorous construction/renovation.  There will be two flats on the top two floors that will deliver in the Fall 2014 timeframe.  The two stories down below are intended for a restaurant and negotiations are underway.  The hope is that we'll get a great local restauranteur committed to the space soon and with that specific build out, we should expect something to open by the middle of 2015.  I would expect a sidewalk cafe to be part of the package as well, the dimensions of the sidewalk cafe being similar to the Veranda over at 11th and P (1100 P Street).

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