Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Upcoming Events at the CDC/ANC and the BANCA picnic

There will be two key reviews at the CDC meeting tomorrow night Wed 27 August: 7PM at the Washington Plaza Hotel.  ANC2F.org

First the architect for 928 O Street will present their plans.  I can email the package to anyone that wants to see it and will send it to the O Street list.  We met to discuss at the BANCA/O Street meeting on Thursday the 21st and received generally positive remarks.  If you feel differently please show up at the CDC and voice your opinion.

Next the developers at 9th and N Street, the Colonel 1250 9th Street, did not use the stucco finishing materials they were supposed to on the sides and rear of the structure.  As documented on the Blog, a group of neighbors meet with them to discuss options for correction.  The developer will present their options to the CDC, their recommendation will go to HPO for a final decision.  I can email those options to any who wants to see them.

Last the BANCA annual picnic will be on Saturday 13 September at 930 O Street NW (same location as last year).  Time is 3-7PM. The Association will provide the basic cook out food and drink, please bring a dish to share and if you like your favorite beverage.  Hope to see you there and I would expect a number of political candidates to stop by given the November elections.

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