Monday, September 8, 2014

Annual Picnic this Saturday and other items of interest

Saturday September 13 will be the annual BANCA Picnic
Hours are 3-7PM
Location is 930 O Street NW (side yard to 932 O Street - thanks Paul and Nez for hosting)
Hamburgers, Hotdogs Provided - Please bring a side dish
Set up help before 3, after 7 and grill duty would be appreciated
Expect some politicians to be in attendance, Jack Evans will be there

ANC 2F will meet on Wednesday night 10 Sept 7PM Washington Plaza Hotel
Two items of neighborhood interest will be voted on:

1) Design for 928 O Street.  This has been through a number of neighborhood reviews and the CDC.  We approved it at the CDC on 27 August.  Formal ANC approval will be voted on Wed. night and sent to the HPRB.  The HPO staff indicates they will support the design approved at the CDC.

2) Back/Rear finishing of 1250 9th Street.  The CDC supported the Scheme C requested by the Blagden Alley Neighbors.  This will replace most of the horizontal plank-like siding with the original stucco panels approved by the building permit, except for the lower two levels where it is not generally visible.    One can see the stucco panels finish design today on the top floor of the building where it faces 9th Street.  There was some support of the vertical approach which did appear to have potential when viewed from the rendering but ultimately we felt the building needed to be designed to support the vertical approach (Scheme B).  Scheme A was rejected as it left too much of the horizontal siding visible. Note the horizontal material will be retained in the interior courtyard that is not general visible.  HPO has agreed to support this approach and the developer will make the changes once the ANC votes.

General item is the near demolition of 1211 10th Street.  Essentially the owner has torn down all but the front portion of the historic building.  The second floor had collapsed on the rear part that dated to 1830/1840 the oldest building in the neighborhood.  I have not seen the plans but the owner will be proceeding to shore up what is left so no more will fall down.  HPO is engaged.

Upcoming for the CDC meeting on 24 September is the zoning changes that SBUrban will request to obtain approval to construct the two buildings at 1212 9th Street and 917 M Street.  This design (with the bridge) was approved by HRPB but there are Zoning Special Exceptions and Variances that must be approved.  I voted to approve the building design and believe I will also support the request for no parking, the other zoning items are minor and the concept for them was already endorsed by the HPRB.  While there will be much debate over no parking I believe ultimately that will be the best for Blagden Alley vice two new designs that include parking garages emptying on to Blagden Alley. The developer has presented his design concept at 3 BANCA meetings and multiple ANC 2F meetings.  Due to the picnic there will not be another BANCA meeting before the CDC/ANC.  If you have any additional questions please contact the developer at  Brook is happy to talk or meet with any neighbors who have concerns about the plans. 

Lots of neighborhood discussion recently on the final design and railing color for the two new Reatig designed townhouse at 1232-1234 10th Street.  Bottom line for all to know is paint color is not an item regulated by the city.  These buildings will be high end rentals (2 units per building).  When complete in the next month or so Reatig has proposed a happy hour for the neighbors to tour the new apartments.

I am not running for reelection as ANC 2F06 SMD.  My understanding is two candidates are registered Danielle Pierce who lives at 1111 11th Street and Charlie Bengel at 910 M Street.

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