Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunday "Chili on Tenth Street", BANCA Meeting delayed to Thursday 27 Feb

Once again, it is "Chili on Tenth Street." [Started by Michael and Tyler]

When:  Sunday, February 23rd at 6 pm
Where:  1411 Tenth Street, N.W. (Sandra Sands and Paul Ramshaw)

Potluck:  We will make "Chili for a Crowd" (meat) and provide some beer.  The  rest is up to you: food or drink. (Not everyone has to bring something, especially if it helps you find time to come.)

RSVP: only you like.  202.234.4398

We hope you can come to see "old" neighbors and "new." sandy and paul

BANCA meeting will not be held this week on 20 Feb as normally scheduled (3rd Thursday)
It will be held on Thursday 27 Feb, 7-8 PM
Still working the location, volunteers to host are always welcome.
The meeting will focus on managing the many issues of Blagden Alley as additional businesses continue to open:  Parking, Traffic, Taxis, Valet Stands, Noise, Trash Pickup, Truck Delivery, Additional Construction, etc., will all be addressed.

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