Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some items of interest primarily from last night's ANC2F meeting

Our new PSA Commander is LT. John Kutniewski, he replaces LT. Carroll who was promoted.
He can be reached at 202.359.0914.  Email is:  He expects to be here in Ward 2 for awhile and is learning the PSA.  Most recently he was assigned to the night shift in Adams Morgan.  If there are any specific issues you want him to pay attention to just give him a call or email.  He works the day shift in our neighborhood but is well aware of the recent flare up in prostitution.

New construction at 1225 10th Street NW.  This is an infill lot, Anna and Dan Kehoe live in the carriage house at the rear (they have the occasional dinner at their Blagden Alley Social Club out of the ground floor).  Proposal is for 3 units.  It is a matter of right given the large size of the lot and has already been approved by zoning.  The only issue is the HPRB review of the new facade.  They have submitted a preliminary drawing to HPRB and will bring it to a future CDC meeting for review.

Voted to support the concept of exploring the possibility of parking at the DC owned lot at 1325 S Street.  This is actually in Ward 1 so lots of coordination and planning with that ANC, Councilmembers, City Government still required.  The parking task force identified this location as one of the last few available in the 14th Street cooridor that might be able to accommodate some sort of parking facility.  Lots of options (and lots of opposition for those who live near this location although a few were in support) this vote has no weight other than lets look at some options, none are recommended at this point and anything that might eventually be proposed will go through the full planning process driven by others.  I suggested that we should meet with ANC 1B to discuss.

Had an update on the proposed new Condo at 1309-1313 13th Street.  This is the Mr. Wash site.  Lots of community interest as the new building will impact light and view in the IOWA Condo and the normal concern from the surrounding neighbors of a new construction building (construction, noise, parking, etc.).  The building is completely a matter of right and is not in a historic district so there is no action on the part of the ANC.  27 parking spaces.  Developer is the Hallady Corporation who have completed a number of projects in the neighborhood.  An email/web/phone line of some type will be established for the community to address issues.  Should begin construction in June.

We also looked at the plans for the renovation of the firehouse at 1018 13th Street, previously reviewed and approved.  Just an update, changes are minimal to my eye.

Reviewed the liquor license application for the new Marriott Marquis at 901 Mass Ave.  There will be multiple bars and restaurants. My concern was the outside "summer garden" or "sidewalk cafes".  I was satisfied by their presentation that these outside spaces that front on the 9th and Mass Avenue sides will not be an issue for any residents.  The ANC voted to support the license application. I actually voted against as I felt we should take no position.  In my mind we either require a Settlement Agreement or we don't - so we don't need to vote to support a license.  We also made clear that our policy is to review each liquor license application to determine if we will require a Settlement Agreement.  In the Downtown District where this is located we generally will not require an SA.   As a result we also voted to support ended the Settlement Agreement at the Park Club on 14th Street (this is also in the Downtown District across from Franklin Square).

Voted to protest the license for the American.  I will attempt to negotiate better terms than we had prior however I need to note that the agreement we approve at the ANC level will be generally consistent with other agreements (modeling the SA on the Glass House which has a second floor summer garden on the rear facing the rear of residential properties on the 1300 block of Vermont and Rhode Island Avenues very similar to the American).

Voted to appeal our dismissal of the protest of the Vita Lounge license renewal, 1318 9th Street.  There is an active Group of 5 led by Martin Smith that has standing but Martin asked that we attempt to reinstate the ANC 2F protest.

Voted to support allowing a piano player at Number 9, 1435 P Street (means we will update our settlement agreement with them to allow this).

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