Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Next Meeting of the Blagden Alley Naylor Court Assocation

Thursday 27 Feb 7-8PM

La Colombe in Blagden Alley, 924 N Street Rear

We are changing the meeting format to more sharply focus on specific issues.  The police will no longer be attending but will still attend the monthly ANC 2F meetings.  Note you can reach our new PSA Commander  LT. John Kutniewski at 202.359.0914.  John works the day shift.  Email is: John.Kutniewski@dc.gov  

This meeting will focus on the changes in Blagden Alley specifically how to manage the increasing businesses coming to Blagden Alley.

We'll address the following areas:
Trash, trash compactors, trash pick up
Truck Delivery
Valet Parking
Taxi Cabs
General Vehicle Traffic
Use of public space
Other issues, bring them Thursday

We need to come up with our recommendations and a plan to engage the city where necessary.

I will also bring a summary of the timing for all the construction projects, as best I know it.

Thanks to Greg Smith, La Colombe manager, for agreeing to host.  Note that La Colombe closes at 7PM.  Greg will provide coffee.
All please feel free to bring additional snacks and beverages (beer/wine/soda).


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