Monday, October 6, 2014

Next Meeting is Thursday 23 October, location TBD

I am looking for a host for the next meeting.

Agenda items will include:

Candidates for ANC2F06 - both Danielle Pierce and Charlie Bengel will attend, introduce themselves and answer any questions you have.

The Architects for 928 O Street will return to present the design for 930 O Street the vacant lot immediately to the West and the location of the Blagden Alley picnic the last few years.

There may be other project returning for updates prior to the next CDC meeting, I will update the Blog when I know more and send an email out the weekend before the meeting.

The next CDC meeting is 29 Oct and the full ANC meets on 5 Nov.

Last but not least I want to thank those who did all the hard work to make the Blagden Alley Picnic a success (held back on the 20th of September).

First Paul and Nez for letting us use the lot/garden next to their home.
Next Richard, Jimmy, Brad and others for shopping for the food and drink and then doing all the set up, cooking and clean up.  I may have missed a few but thanks for everyone's help.
Last Elizabeth took lead to contact the many politicians/candidates who visited that day; it was great to see Jack Evans, Phil Mendelson, and the many other candidates.

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