Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update for Thursday nights BANCA meeting

Update:  HPO and CAS Riegler met today to discuss a resolution of the wood siding vs stucco issue at 9th and N.  CAS Riegler is on the hook to formally respond to HPO with updated plans that reflect the HPO/CAS Riegler discussion.  

Therefore the nature of the BANCA meeting has changed.  CAS Riegler will walk us around the building showing the different vista's and then present the updated plan that HPO has agreed in principle to approve (subject to seeing the formal submittal from CAS Riegler).  Our role is to review these plans and then provide HPO with any feedback - agree, disagree or recommend some motifications.  HPO has agreed to consider any neighborhood input before making the final agreement with CAS Riegler.  Following that approval CAS Riegler will make any changes required by HPO.

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