Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thursday's Agenda Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association

Meeting Notice

When: Thursday 21 Feb 2013 7-8:30PM
Where: Home of Richard Neidich and Ed Horvath
             929 M Street NW


*Police Report
*Proposed new building 1000 block of  M St / 1200 11th St (this is the vacant parking lot behind the laundry at the NE corner of 11&M), presentation by Community Three Development LLC (builders of the 9 and other projects around DC)
*Anna and Dan to give us an introduction to the Blagden Alley Social Club
*Mood Lounge now Vita Lounge downstairs and Penthouse 9 Upstairs
*ANC 2F news
*ANC 2F Parking Committee to focus on Sunday, Visitor and Enhanced Residential Parking Pilot Program, see blog (http://blagdenalley.blogspot.com/ )
*Discussion of delayed social events
*Old/New Business


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