Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Updated Agenda for 17 Jan 2013 Mtg 7-8:30PM

We will have the meeting rain or snow, come if you can.

Update agenda for Thursday 17 Jan 2013 7-8:30 PM
1327 10th Street NW

*Police Report
*Raze Permit 1322 9th Street (going to historic review)
*Wag time zoning relief 1232 9th Street (asking for Dogs outside) - Lisa and Ofer are unable to attend but I would like to get input before the CDC next week
*Blagden Alley Social Club open 20 January (just info): (Anna and Dan are unable to attend but will in the future)
*Introduction of Owner of the new Pilates Studio on 9th Street
*ANC Committee involvement (want to volunteer?) - see below
*DC Archives Parking (or parking for Sundevich?)
*Collaborate with a revitalized O Street Association
*Review impact on the neighborhood from the Inaugural Balls - details are on the Blog
*TABLE at 903 N Street opens on Friday 18 Jan!!  see at photos at:
*New or old business
*Try again for a holiday party?? (I have a few ideas)

ANC Committees are:
ABRA Policy (I appointed Martin Smith)
Community Development (I am looking for a volunteer with the skills/experience)
Crime and Public Safety
Arts Overlay

Greg Melcher
Blagden Alley-Naylor Court Association

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