Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update Meeting Notice for Thursday 16 Feb

Meeting Notice


Next Blagden Alley – Naylor Court Association Meeting is Thursday 16 February 16 from 7-8:30 PM
Place: Home of Ron and Clarence @ 1241 10th Street NW

Agenda is:
7:00 - Development plans for 1250 9th Street/ Contemporary Wing Gallery
7:15 - PoliceReport (Sgt. Terestre is confirmed and possibly Lt. Carroll)
7:30 - EventsCommittee & Upcoming Happy hour with LCCA @ Tortino(Elizabeth)
7:40 - Presentationby the Architect of proposed major new development at 926 N Street NW,
          followed by Association discussion**
8:15 - Latest on Mood Lounge
8:20 - Stop Sign at 10th and O Streets
8:25 - New Business
8:30 - Adjourn

**Megan Mitchell from Suzane Reatig Architecture (a local firm they are located at 1312 8th Street NW) will present new plans on Thursday.  Note these are considerably updated from that which was shown at the ANC meeting a few weeks ago.  She will be accompanied by Apostle Green from the United House of Prayer.  There are very much looking for your feedback and believe they have made some good strides since the ANC meeting.  I will bring to the meeting a hand out that explains what is allowed as a matter of right on this lot, zoned C2A.  As the existing building is not considered to be a contributing structure in terms of historic our comments are guided by what is allowed in a C2A zone and the following guidelines:
Go to this link: http://planning.dc.gov/DC/Planning/Historic+Preservation
Then click on the Design Guidelines Icon
Then click on New Construction in Historic Districts
This pamphlet goes into detail but can be summarized as follows:

The key to the design of a new building that enhances the existing environment is its compatibility with neighboring buildings. Compatibility is achieved through careful attention to the following design principles of building: 
-Roof Shape 
-Details and Ornamentation 
-Landscape Features 

If at all possible please take a minute before the meeting to read what is stated there for each of this principles.
Thanks see you on Thursday!

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